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Catch Me at the Selective Mutism Association Conference in October

A crowd at a presentation

I am so excited to share that I will be presenting at the Selective Mutism (SM) Association conference in October 2023! I am humbled to be a part of this panel with SM experts Dr. Nicole Drost, Meredith Polsky, LCSW, and Dr. Steven Kurtz! We will be sharing information for parents navigating treatment collaboration with their child's school personnel and extracurricular coaches. This talk will be on the parent track, meaning that it is geared toward caregivers directly, rather than mental health/medical professionals.

The SMA conference will be held virtually over two days. Parents and individuals with SM can attend on their own learning tracks! Learn more about it and register here.

I cannot wait to learn from experts in the field and keep up to date with all things SM treatment. I hope this will be a valuable learning opportunity for my local SM community, which I hold so dearly.

P. S. This is not a sponsored post and I have no financial ties to SMA. For anyone unable to attend, SMA offers some fantastic free videos on their site.

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