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Do You Have a Mental Health New Year's Resolution?

It's 2023. We've somehow survived three years of a pandemic. You've probably already had time to write some resolutions, go to the gym one time, remember why you don't like the gym, and then get back to the normal routine. Is your mental health involved in any of your resolutions or goals for the year? If not, I'm here to argue that it should be.

As we know, I'm therapy's biggest fan. And, if one of your goals is to start therapy, I have the perfect post to help you out. But, taking charge of your mental health does not necessarily have to mean attending traditional psychotherapy. It could look like:

  • Sticking to a regular sleep schedule

  • Increasing aerobic exercise

  • Increasing daily intake of fruits and vegetables

  • Spending more time with friends and loved ones in-person

  • Beginning yoga practice

  • Starting a dance or IMPROV class

This is not just a random list. These are all research-based factors that impact mental health.

Of course, beyond daily habits, mental health can be impacted by our environment. If someone is unsure where their next meal will come from, currently in an abusive relationship, or experiencing discrimination, I would not expect their mental health to be fantastic. In cases like this, I would encourage someone to look for support from others to decrease the burden of these difficulties. There are so many professionals, organizations, and just kind human beings who can offer help in changing someone's stressful circumstances.

Did I inspire you to create a mental health resolution for 2023? Share your ideas below!

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